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Vendor Spotlight — KYND Cannabis

There are a lot of perks to life in a cannabis dispensary, and one of them is the up-close-and-personal access to all the amazing vendors out there. In a new series, we’re spotlighting cannabis vendors—all the great companies who work so hard to bring the latest and greatest cannabis products to the shelves and ultimately, to […]

Vendor Spotlight — CannaPunch

In a new series, we’re highlighting all of the cannabis vendors we know and love. Last week, it was all about KYND Cannabis Company, and we’re back at it with a look at CannaPunch—purveyors of the “original Colorado high.” SINCE 2009 CannaPunch got its start waaaay back in 2009, when the company acquired its first production license in […]

MYNT Vendor Spotlight — TRENDI

MYNT Vendor Spotlight — TRENDI Posted by Mynt Admin Sep 23, 2021 Welcome to the latest in our vendor spotlight series! We’ve covered KYND Cannabis Company and CannaPunch, and now we’re taking a deep dive into Nevada’s own TRENDI, the concentrate brand you know and love. NEW TO THE GAME & TAKING NAMES TRENDI got its start in 2020 and […]