5 Tips for the Cannabis Edible Novice

Let’s talk about cannabis edibles, particularly in regard to their reputation as an entry-level product for the novice. Here’s the truth – cannabis edibles are much harder to dose, take longer for effects to kick in, and have the potential to push you past your comfort zone if you’re not familiar with their effects. On […]

This is What Your Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

Burning question we’ve been asking for ages — why does society make the cliche of the boozy mom acceptable, but raises its brow in silent judgement when a mom’s chosen method of relaxation involves cannabis instead? Sure, current federal classifications of cannabis are part of it, but what’s the excuse in all of the states with legal […]

6 Reasons to Choose Vegan Gummies from Highly Edible

There is no shortage of edible gummies in the current cannabis market. According to MJBizDaily, edibles outperformed the entire cannabis industry in 2020, and there is no sign of stopping. After an influx of every edible imaginable, gummies have established their dominance. Data Bridge Market Research reports that cannabis gummies are expected to grow at a […]