Four Truths about Cannabis Concentrates

As legal medicinal and recreational cannabis markets continue to spread and evolve, the world of concentrates is exploding. Cultivators are pushing the envelope in a bid to bring interesting, enjoyable, and effective new products to an eager market, which makes this an exciting time. Still, for many consumers in newly legal markets, the idea of cannabis still […]

What’s the Deal with Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates?

As Reno’s favorite downtown and north dispensary, we field a lot of questions from folks who are brand new to cannabis and those who are infinitely more experienced. It’s the latter group that tends to inquire about live resin cannabis concentrates. And that makes sense. Anyone with an interest in live resin qualifies as the kind […]

Cannabis Concentrates and the Solvent Processes Used to Make Them

Cannabis concentrates, also known as extracts, have a lot going for them. From tinctures and oils to dabs and hash, these products zero in on specific cannabis compounds for purity and efficacy. You may be fine with flower, but there’s an entire world out there! Here’s what to know about cannabis concentrates and the solvent processes used […]