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Too High? Here’s What To Do

If you’re the type to partake in cannabis, you probably have a great story about that time you got too high. Because cannabis dosing can be tricky and highly personal, this sort of over-indulging is actually pretty common. It’s also unpleasant. While cannabis is excellent when you take what you need, overdoing it can turn a great […]

The Role of Cannabis in Heartburn and Indigestion Relief

We just wrapped another holiday season, and if you’re like many, that means a whole lot of indulging just went down. Food is an integral part of the holiday run from the end of November through the end of December, and we’re far more likely to go back for seconds or thirds this time of year. Unfortunately, […]

Three Reasons to Give High-CBD Strains a Go

THC may get a lot of press, but CBD is no slouch. It’s the second most prolific cannabinoid in the cannabis plant (yes, behind THC), but unlike its famous sibling, CBD doesn’t have intoxicating properties. That’s a huge deal, because it makes cannabis accessible to a whole swath of folks who can really benefit from its therapeutic benefits […]

5 Tips for the Cannabis Edible Novice

Let’s talk about cannabis edibles, particularly in regard to their reputation as an entry-level product for the novice. Here’s the truth – cannabis edibles are much harder to dose, take longer for effects to kick in, and have the potential to push you past your comfort zone if you’re not familiar with their effects. On […]

Three Factors Influencing Your Cannabis High (And Two That May Surprise You)

No one indulges in cannabis with hopes of a bad experience, and we all have expectations. Depending on the day and your mood, you may be seeking something mellow, relaxing, invigorating, cerebral, or head to toe. The best way to dial in the effects you want is by understanding the issues at play. Here are three […]

Three Tips for Pairing Cannabis and Wine

Move over, cheese. Cannabis and wine pairings are the new duo, and these two can be a match made in heaven — as long as you know what you’re doing. Both cannabis and wine are fragrant and flavorful, and the right pairing can elevate both characteristics. But there’s a little more to it than just firing one […]

Three Things to Consider Before Visiting the Dispensary

A cannabis dispensary is a pretty cool place. Here at Mynt Dispensary in downtown Reno and Lemmon Valley, visitors will find beautifully-arranged shelves stocked with goodies. There’s a lot going on, and to the novice cannabis user, it can be a little overwhelming — let’s call it a grown-up version of the kid in the […]

Cannabis Concentrates and the Solvent Processes Used to Make Them

Cannabis concentrates, also known as extracts, have a lot going for them. From tinctures and oils to dabs and hash, these products zero in on specific cannabis compounds for purity and efficacy. You may be fine with flower, but there’s an entire world out there! Here’s what to know about cannabis concentrates and the solvent processes used […]

This is What Your Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

Burning question we’ve been asking for ages — why does society make the cliche of the boozy mom acceptable, but raises its brow in silent judgement when a mom’s chosen method of relaxation involves cannabis instead? Sure, current federal classifications of cannabis are part of it, but what’s the excuse in all of the states with legal […]

Cannabis Consumption is Different in the Summer

Ah, summer. Blazing temps, unrelenting sunshine, and long days at the beach, lake, or out by the pool. If summer is your favorite time to enjoy cannabis, we get it. But just so we’re clear, cannabis consumption is different in the summer. No reason to get alarmed, of course, but understanding why consuming cannabis in the summer […]

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