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Behind the Counter with Your MYNT Budtenders

Pop quiz — what stands between you and a great dispensary experience? If you said the budtender, we’re 100 percent with you. There’s no comparison between someone who has the right training and experience to confidently answer all of your questions and shepherd you toward the best products for your needs — and someone who just […]

Behind the Counter — MYNT Budtender Spotlight

We started a little budtender series recently, so we can spotlight each and every one of our amazing team members. It’s the people behind the counter who make all the difference — that’s what separates the good dispensary experiences from the bad. So without further ado, let’s take a minute to gush over Kyle, Vanessa, Sam, Kelly, and Pablo. […]

Meet More of Your MYNT Budtenders

We’re back again with another round-up of your MYNT budtenders, and this time, we sat down with Richelle, Aaron, Ricardo and Donisha at Reno’s favorite downtown dispensary. MEET RICHELLE Richelle has been budtending for four lovely years, as she describes it. It was a great way to blend her dual passions of cannabis and helping people — […]

Behind the Counter with (More) MYNT Budtenders

We’re burning through budtenders as fast as we can pin them down, and next up is a trio from MYNT downtown. Here’s what Savanna, John and Sam have to say about budtending and the cannabis biz. MEET SAVANNA Savanna is newish to the team — she got her start around five months or so ago. After watching how […]

Behind the Counter with the MYNT Team

Another day, another chance to chat up the MYNT team. This time, we cornered Victor, Kayden, Travis, and Kate to talk cannabis and life on that side of the dispensary counter. MEET KATE Kate comes to us by way of Chicago, and she has an impressive track record in the industry. She’s been a personal cannabis advocate […]