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All Natural Flavors | Reliable Dosing | Melt Proof
All Natural Flavors
Reliable Dosing
Melt Proof

Sleep - indica

10mg THC & 5mg CBN per piece

Bedtime Blueberry
2:1 Ratio of THC: CBN

Unwind and embrace a restful night’s sleep with new kynd Bedtime Blueberry Gummies. These gluten-free and vegan treats are infused with the power of CBN and Indica terpenes to help gently guide you into dreamland.

Balance - hybrid

10mg THC & 10mg CBD per piece

Black Cherry
1:1 Ratio of THC: CBD

Balance your mind and body with a perfectly paired 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. These luscious black cherry bites are crafted to harmonize euphoria and therapeutic benefits, inviting you on a blissful journey. Perfect for any kind of day, chore, activity, or vibe.

Uplift - Sativa

10mg THC per piece

Sour Watermelon
Mood Boosting & Energizing

Summer never has to end with new, uplifting kynd Sour Watermelon Gummies. With mood boosting and energizing effects and sweet and juicy watermelon flavors, your summertime adventures can continue all year long. Whether your vibe is a boat day with friends, a date night on the pier, or a game of kickball, let the good times roll.

Relax - Indica

10mg THC per piece

Sour Blue Raspberry
Soothing & Calming

Journey to a place of total relaxation with kynd Sour Blue Raspberry Gummies. With soothing and calming effects and a subtly tart blue raspberry flavor, you can ease into bliss and quiet your thoughts. Melt into your couch, bean bag chair, or pool float as you drift into a state of calm.

Relax - Indica

10mg THC per piece

Tropical Pineapple
Calming & Relaxing

Take a relaxing vacation from your daily stresses with delectable kynd Tropical Pineapple Gummies. Crafted to unwind your mind and calm your body, you’ll savor a taste of the tropics in every bite.

Uplift - sativa

10mg THC per piece

Sour Strawberry
Energizing & Focus Boosting

Uplift your spirits with kynd Sour Strawberry Gummies. Refreshing and bright strawberry flavors and energizing effects inspire your productivity and awaken your potential. Dance your heart out at a music festival or finally tackle that DIY project.


1mg THC & 5mg THCV per piece

Sour Green Apple
Energizing & Uplifting

Supercharge your days and nights with kynd Sour Green Apple THCV Energy Gummies. Packed with 5mg of THCV, sativa terpenes, and only 1mg of THC, these tart treats are perfect when seeking a boost of energy and focus without the heavy high. Whether you’re gearing up for a workout, tackling a busy day, or simply in need of a pick-me-up, kynd THCV-infused gummies are here to power you through.

Balance - hybrid

10mg THC & 10mg CBD per piece

Florida Orange
1:1 Ratio of THC: CBD

Discover the unparalleled blend of taste and effects with kynd’s Florida Orange Hybrid Cannabis Gummies. Immerse yourself in the bright citrusy flavor while enjoying the perfect 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Crafted to seamlessly marry euphoria and therapeutic benefits, this new gem may be your new favorite.

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