Vendor Spotlight — KYND Cannabis

There are a lot of perks to life in a cannabis dispensary, and one of them is the up-close-and-personal access to all the amazing vendors out there. In a new series, we’re spotlighting cannabis vendors—all the great companies who work so hard to bring the latest and greatest cannabis products to the shelves and ultimately, to the people. First up is the one and only KYND Cannabis Company!


KYND got its start here in Nevada way back in 2015 to serve the medical community. “We’ve grown from six flower rooms, which produced about 200+ pounds a month, to 25 flower rooms and over 100 employees producing 1200+ pounds of flower a month,” says David Robison, tissue culture supervisor and former marketing manager, who’s been with the company since 2017. In its six short years (which is actually quite a while in the relatively young cannabis industry), the company has made a name for itself, thanks to its laser focus on premium flower.

“High quality flower is our priority,” Robison affirms. “Everyone on staff is passionate about making our flower shine from growth to cure to packaging, and every step is taken to ensure the trichomes are protected and the terpenes are preserved.”

KYND sells that top-shelf flower as is, but they also use it to create prerolls (regular and infused), extracts including their topical balm and tincture, concentrates, and vape products.


“Flower is always number one,” reiterates Robison. “We consistently have great test results, quality, and a selection of strains that keeps the menu fresh.” It’s how they’ve built a strong following, but that’s not all. “Our infused prerolls are definitely in the top three. These are based on our heavy-hitting strain blends for a way to dial in your experience. We infuse flower with same strain and often will also blend new combinations for heady experiences—definitely not for the faint of heart!”

The company’s vapes are another popular product. “Our vapes are great, an easy-to-use product for those who enjoy cannabis, but don’t want to get a ton of products to consume their cannabis,” notes Robison. “Our pens provide a great experience of our flowers, and all pens from the KYND facility are created with cannabis-derived terpenes, for a true-to-flower flavor.


In the world of cannabis, new companies are popping up regularly. So what sets KYND apart? Quality and consistency are more than just buzzwords for this cultivator, and they’re always pushing boundaries. “Our deep-water culture processes may be daunting to others, but this is how we maintain clean environments and dial in exactly what our plants need to thrive.” It also ensures the kind of consistency that means a great experience every single time.

This kind of approach to cultivation catches more than a few eyes. Recently, KYND was featured by the CannaCribs team, which spotlighted the company’s award-winning grow and deep water culture hydroponics. “They came through for a deep dive into all we do,” says Robison. “It’s a great way to get a tour of our facility, right from your home!”

KYND has also earned a few awards here and there, including Best Strain for its MTF from the local Reno News and Review. “And for good reason! This strain is a great sativa that smells strongly of terpinolene (a distinctive piney, herbaceous, floral, even mildly citrusy fragrance), and boasts a high terpene and cannabinoid test result. This one sells fast in stores, so get it before it goes if you see it!”


While KYND has a great mix of products for everyone, the company is partial to newcomers. “Our biggest fans are those curious about cannabis and new to the product,” says Robison. “We pride ourselves on education and teaching people how cannabis can be beneficial when integrated into daily life.” Still, the company has a soft spot for long-time consumers, too. “We love our fans who have been consuming cannabis long before it was recreationally legal. These are the folks who know and love our legacy strains, such as Sour Diesel, MTF, and Blackwater OG.”

KYND has several new strains coming down the pipeline, so keep an eye out at MYNT for new flavors. We recommend trying everything in KYND’s line-up—this is good stuff!

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.