Three Things to Consider Before Visiting the Dispensary

A cannabis dispensary is a pretty cool place. Here at Mynt Dispensary in downtown Reno and Lemmon Valley, visitors will find beautifully-arranged shelves stocked with goodies. There’s a lot going on, and to the novice cannabis user, it can be a little overwhelming — let’s call it a grown-up version of the kid in the candy store. Where do you begin? How do you choose? Today, we’re sharing tips to help you make your cannabis dispensary visit as enjoyable as possible. The key is to know before you go. A little thought before you get there goes a log way, so consider these three things before visiting the dispensary.


While Mynt prides itself on comprehensive and ongoing budtender training, the simple truth is that not all budtenders are created equal. Ideally, your budtender has the experience and knowledge to provide all of the pertinent information about a given product, as well as offer recommendations based on your preferences. Asking questions is a hallmark of a good budtender — they need to understand your expectations. It’s part of the budtender training here at Mynt, but no matter where you go, you’ll be a good position if you have the following information in mind. If your budtender doesn’t ask, let them know anyway.


What brings you to the dispensary today? Are you seeking medicine for something specific, like chronic headaches, joint pain, or anxiety? Is this purely recreational? And if so, are you seeking something cerebral and uplifting, or something that will relax you? Understanding the reason you plan to use cannabis will narrow your options, pointing your budtender toward products that will or won’t cause intoxication along with your desired effects.


If you don’t smoke, that eliminates all kinds of products right off the bat. Recognizing the consumption methods to which you’re open, and what you aren’t interested in at all will help you and your budtender zero in on appropriate products. If you don’t know much about a particular consumption method — say, the ins and outs of edibles, or why taking cannabis sublingually can be so effective — don’t hesitate to ask.


Be upfront about your experience. Is this a first-time thing? Dosage recommendations are heavily based on tolerance, and if you’re new to cannabis, you can ruin the experience entirely by going overboard. The golden rule of cannabis is to start low and go slow. Depending on the cannabis product and its consumption method, effects can take a while to kick in. Ask your budtender what you can expect in terms of onset and duration, and follow dosing recommendations carefully. There’s an element of trial and error with cannabis use, so begin with a low dose to gauge effects before going back for more.


We love helping our customers find exactly what they need, and it helps us helps you when you give a little thought to what you’re after. These three considerations are a great place to start.