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Three Factors Influencing Your Cannabis High (And Two That May Surprise You)

No one indulges in cannabis with hopes of a bad experience, and we all have expectations. Depending on the day and your mood, you may be seeking something mellow, relaxing, invigorating, cerebral, or head to toe. The best way to dial in the effects you want is by understanding the issues at play. Here are three factors influencing your cannabis high — plus two more that may surprise you.


One of the easiest ways to predict a potential high is by the cannabinoid profile. High amounts of THC are associated with a number of not necessarily pleasant side effects — dry mouth, dry eyes, the munchies, sleepiness and lethargy. A high CBD strain or product, on the other hand, can offer heady pain relief in the body, without the intoxicating effects of THC. Depending on the effects you’re after, you’ll want to opt for a strain with the right cannabinoid profile.

Terpenes are another important consideration. Beyond CBD and THC ratios, terpenes are believed to strongly influence the overall effect of a strain. These aromatic and volatile compounds give cannabis its dizzying array of aromas and flavors, and burgeoning research suggests that different terpenes can boost cannabinoids for a more nuanced experience.


The golden rule of cannabis is always to start low and go slow. Anyone who’s ever over-indulged will understand why — there can absolutely be too much of a good thing! Finding the sweet spot is often a very personal trial-and-error process, and delivery method can make dosing easier or harder. Plan accordingly.


How you choose to indulge will play a direct role in the effects you feel. Your body processes cannabis different when it’s smoked, vaped, ingested sublingually, eaten, or used topically, and effects will likewise vary.


Individual tolerance levels vary from one person to the next, with all kinds of contributing factors. Personal body chemistry, how often you consume, and how long you’ve used cannabis are all part of it, and even age may be a big factor. Some research using rats suggests a link between age and cannabis tolerance.


Would it surprise you to learn that where you choose to indulge can impact your experience? It’s true. Your surroundings affect your comfort level and can amplify effects like anxiety or relaxation. Being aware of the setting before you indulge can help ensure the most favorable outcomes.


An experienced budtender like those here at Mynt Cannabis can steer you in the right direction when it comes to things like delivery methods, strains, and dosing, so don’t hesitate to ask for guidance. Sharing your personal consumption history can help them further tailor their recommendations, too. Being forthcoming is never a mistake — the more your budtender understands about your preferences, the better equipped they are to make the most appropriate suggestions.