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Three Benefits of Cannabis for Gym Rats

New year, new you! If fitness is on your mind, and you’re committed to actually sticking to that workout schedule this time, cannabis could be your secret weapon. Here are three benefits of cannabis for all you gym rats.


Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting there, and cannabis can be a handy workaround when the idea of dragging yourself to the gym makes you groan. Whether you’ve experienced the runner’s high or not — that point in a run when you hit your groove and a flood of endorphins follows, encouraging you to keep working. Turns out, cannabis may offer a similar effect (without all the running). Different studies have looked at the effects of cannabis on mice, including increased motor activity after small amounts of THC, more energy, and less fatigue. Scientists believe that’s because the body responds to its endocannabinoid system much like it does to endorphins. If you need a little help focusing on a workout, prepping with some cannabis could very well do the trick.


We know that CBD offers impressive anti-inflammatory benefits, and that can be a lifesaver after an intense workout. Sometimes, sore muscles are accompanied by tender joints, discomfort that can peak between 24 and 36 hours your workout. Reaching for an OTC pain reliever may be typical, but there a lot of drawbacks to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. According to the FDA, that includes a greater risk of heart attack and stroke, along with side effects like dizziness, rash, heartburn and gastrointestinal bleeding.

A better option? A cannabis tincture or topical loaded with CBD! Address the pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing — all with no risk of internal bleeding.


Real gains come when you’re catching quality zzz’s, and while the benefits of cannabis for sleep are still up for debate, here’s what we do know. By reducing stress, anxiety and pain, cannabis may make it easier to fall — and stay — asleep. If sleep is an issue for you, the right cannabis product could be a great alternative to commercial sleep aids.


If improved fitness is your goal and you’re planning to use cannabis for its pre and post-workout benefits, don’t smoke it. Smoking anything is hard on your lungs, and you’re going to need those things when you’re working out. It’s also a good idea to keep your THC dosing low. Ask a budtender about the right strains and consumption methods to support your gym habit, and then get after it!

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