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The Many Benefits of Cannabis for 21+ Students

it’s a funny double standard that lingers to this day—the idea of unwinding with a beer or a cocktail or glass of wine is perfectly acceptable, even expected , but swap the booze for cannabis and everything changes—cue the general outrage. What’s the assumption? That people who indulge in cannabis use are degenerates, slackers, or just plain irresponsible? That sort of knee-jerk reaction is telling, and it’s also wildly inaccurate. In fact, as cannabis use becomes more mainstream, people from all walks of life—including age-appropriate students—are turning to this humble plant for everything from stress relief to improved focus. Interested in being one of them? Let’s talk about the many benefits of cannabis for 21+ students.


Keep in mind, there’s a lot of variety in the world of cannabis. From THC or CBD-dominant strains to a plethora of consumption methods, there’s a real spectrum at play. And just like a single glass of wine can’t be compared to getting black out drunk, neither can a CBD edible or tincture or topical be compared to getting completely stoned.

When the goal is stress relief or relaxation, a little goes a long way. The low-dose approach to cannabis is often most effective, minimizing any negative feelings. But too much can actually exacerbate anxiety, so being patient and experimenting with a low dosage before slowly building is a good strategy. Opting for consumption methods that give you a lot of control over dosing is also important, so ask a MYNT budtender for options. Some options include tinctures, edibles, and vapes.

By reducing anxiety and tension, it’s easier to focus on the mile-long list every college student has and it can also help fill that reservoir of patience that can run so dangerously low when you’re juggling classes and papers and studying, not to mention work and some kind of social life. Minimizing physical pain and discomfort also clears the way for better focus and productivity—particularly useful for students.

Keep in mind, a cannabis habit can amount to an indulgent square of infused chocolate after a late dinner, either to rev up for studying or to wind down for much-needed sleep. It has the same effect as a glass or two of red wine, without the stained teeth or the day-after hangover. Other students reach for infused topicals or tinctures to take the edge off, while some like the ritual of prerolls.

The point is, you have options. And let’s be direct here— you can be responsible college student who uses cannabis—the two aren’t mutually exclusive. If you’re interested in learning more about the role cannabis can play in your life, we’d love to answer your questions. Visit MYNT downtown or at our north location, and our budtenders can give you all the information you need.