The Big Payoff of Microdosing Cannabis

One of our favorite Nevada cultivators, KYND Cannabis Company, has a great post about the benefits of microdosing. It’s a growing trend among medicinal consumers, and we understand the appeal. There are surprising benefits to the idea of taking minimal amounts of cannabis, and chief among them is enjoying all of the therapeutic benefits without having to deal with intoxication.


The goal with microdosing cannabis is simply to reap all of the benefits with the lowest effective dose. Moving beyond that dosage will actually result in decreased efficacy. If you’ve ever felt too high and dealt with symptoms of anxiety or paranoia, you’ll understand. While microdosing usually refers to consuming THC, KYND’s post correctly points out that a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD can help consumers enjoy the extra benefits of the entourage effect.

Here at the dispensary, we hear a lot of anecdotal feedback from our patients and consumers about the benefits of microdosing. At this point, clinical evidence is limited. There are studies linking low doses of cannabis with increased therapeutic benefits, including one that looked at the symptoms of PTSD and another studying the pain associated with cancer treatments.

Microdosing can be effective for people hoping to achieve different results, and it’s an ideal introduction to cannabis for first-time consumers. It’s also appropriate for daytime use, with little to no psychoactivity, in addition to relief from specific symptoms. On the recreational side, microdosing is popular for those seeking a cerebral effect. Keeping dosages low is the best way to explore your own tolerance levels and reach a pleasing high — relaxed, yet focused. Plus, it’s a good way to avoid unpleasant side effects like anxiety or paranoia.


The art of microdosing requires precision, so it’s best to opt for a consumption method that will allow you a lot of control. Smoking or vaping are fairly imprecise, but a cannabis tincture or a capsule are both options. A tincture in particular makes it easy to ensure a precise, consistent dose, and you’ll also enjoy the rapid onset of the sublingual application.

If you’re starting with little cannabis experience, begin with a very low dose of 1 to 2 milligrams of THC or a 1:1 ratio. If you’re a regular consumer but you want to try microdosing, keep in mind that you’ve already built up a tolerance to some degree. Microdosing will be most effective if you take a break from consuming. It will vary from one person to the next, so it could vary between a few days to a few weeks of abstaining from cannabis. Then, you can begin with a minimal dose. Pay close attention to the effects you feel, and slowly increase your dosage in 1 to 2 milligram increments until you find a place of symptom relief and focus.

Microdosing cannabis is truly a process of patience. KYND said it well — it’s mindfulness, in cannabis form. When you’re doing it right, the dosage is low and the payoff is big. Ask a MYNT budtender for product and practice guidelines next time you stop in.