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Meet More of Your MYNT Budtenders

We’re back again with another round-up of your MYNT budtenders, and this time, we sat down with Richelle, Aaron, Ricardo and Donisha at Reno’s favorite downtown dispensary.



Richelle has been budtending for four lovely years, as she describes it. It was a great way to blend her dual passions of cannabis and helping people — a literal dream for Richelle! She has seven years of cannabis patient experience herself to draw from, and she uses it to help every patient and customer she can. Her favorite part of the job is helping those with PTSD.

Usually, budtenders will one or two preferred methods of consumption. Richelle loves almost every method, and she has specific reasons why. Dabbing is ideal when she’s on the go. She loves to relax at home with her bong. Joints and blunts are ideal for social gatherings, and she’s down for an edible anytime!

As far as the future goes, Richelle thinks the industry is moving to a far more relaxed, less regulated space — similar to alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. She thinks consumption lounges would be a great add, and oh man, do we agree!



We always have to ask how our budtenders find their way behind the counter, and we love Aaron’s path. It was his interest in cooking and baking with cannabis that sparked his interest. He wants to learn all he can, because this kid has plans — one day, you might be enjoying infused food and drinks at Aaron’s restaurant!

For now, he loves working with the customers and finding the most beneficial products for their lives — bonus points when he’s working with people who turn to cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Aaron enjoys making his own edibles — fitting, right? — but he’s also a fan of TWE Diamonds. Looking ahead, Aaron wants to see cannabis legalized federally so people can consume in public and enjoy that restaurant of his.



Ricky’s been budtending at MYNT for a year now, and yeah, if you’re doing the math, that means he started right as the pandemic was changing life as we know it. When one door closes, another opens, and Ricky always thought budtending would be cool. So when he lost his previous job to the pandemic, he moved straight to plan B. Lucky us!

Behind the counter, Ricky likes to recommend products to his customers that will deliver the exact effects they’re after. Personally, he loves rolling joints and using carts.

Like the rest of us, Ricky has his fingers crossed for national legalization. He’s also got high hopes for smoking lounges, and yeah, we’re on board with that.



Donisha is from Vegas, baby, but she’s been gracing us with her presence here at MYNT for the last year and a half. She has friends who have been in the cannabis industry for years, and they loved their jobs so much, well, she wanted to be part of the family.

So, how’s it working out? Things are going pretty well! Between the customers and the products, Donisha gets to enjoy something new every day.

When she’s enjoying cannabis personally, Donisha is a fan of smoking blunts — but she keeps it tobacco-less, thanks, with hemp or leaf wraps. She also loves dabbing, and you better believe she has a whole collection of fun devices for just that purpose. Oh, and just like Aaron, Donisha loves making her own edibles.

Looking ahead, Donisha thinks the cannabis industry is on an upward trajectory and federal legalization can’t be too far behind. And then, the possibilities really are endless.

Big thanks to all four of these team members for their hard work and professionalism. We appreciate you!