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Is Sex Better with Cannabis?

Good question. With the explosion of crossover products from the sex and cannabis industries recently, you’d think yes. But while cannabis can play a positive role in the bedroom, it may not be exactly how you picture it. So if you’re wondering whether sex is better with cannabis, let’s talk it through.


It’s next to impossible to say that cannabis definitely improves things between the sheets. But that’s not because it doesn’t have real benefits. The first issue is what cannabis as a whole faces — the federal prohibition that means researchers aren’t able to go wild with studies to ferret out the why’s and how’s of cannabis.

At this point, cannabis research surrounding sex is basically limited to self-reported surveys, which present their own issues. Researchers are dependent on survey participants to report accurately and honestly, and that’s just not guaranteed. That means information gleaned from surveys like this can’t be readily corroborated, so details like potency and timeframe and dosage are going to be off. We’re also talking about a few small studies, which may not accurately represent all groups. Plus, sexuality itself is a thorny issue, with tons of variables and differences of opinion. So, with the understanding that much of what we know about as cannabis and sex is theoretical and anecdotal — despite what all those Instagram ads and spam emails are telling you — here’s the deal.

Cannabis can really shine in the bedroom because it can help mitigate barriers to intimacy and pleasure. Anxiety, stress and physical pain don’t exactly set you up for a good time, and the inherent ability of cannabis to induce relaxation can be just what you need. Strains high in limonene and myrcene, both of which have anti-anxiety and anti-depressive properties, can be really helpful when you need to get out of your own head and into the moment.

CBD also an enhancing effect on a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which is linked to oxytocin, or the cuddle hormone. Boosting our body’s natural neurotransmitters and endorphins can really prime the body for a little action. What’s more, our reproductive organs are home to cannabinoid receptors, and for women in particular, cannabis can increase blood flow to sexual tissue and boost sensitivity.


Anyone talking about cannabis and sex will likely advise you to make your first experience a solo act. That way, you already understand your own reaction to the situation, and you won’t get so blitzed that you can’t enjoy yourself. Then it’s all a matter of consumption method and appropriate dosing. We’ll go ahead and recommend vaping or a tincture to set the stage. Both give you control over dosage and have a rapid onset. Plus, there’s the whole shared consumption aspect, which can be intimate and sweet. Edibles are often recommended for couples, but that can be tricky. Not only is dosing highly personal, it can take ages to start feeling effects.

Budtenders here at MYNT have heard it all, so let them know what you’re after and they can steer you in the right direction. Now, be safe, be respectful, and have fun!

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