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Behind the Counter with Your MYNT Budtenders

Pop quiz — what stands between you and a great dispensary experience? If you said the budtender, we’re 100 percent with you. There’s no comparison between someone who has the right training and experience to confidently answer all of your questions and shepherd you toward the best products for your needs — and someone who just doesn’t. That’s why we’re so proud of our budtending team here at MYNT. And to shine a little light their way, we’re featuring each and every one of them in a post. First up? Our very own Jonny Gomes, Angela Mikowychok, and Benjamin Ashlock.

jonny-gomez-myntMEET JONNY

There’s something to be said for the analytical guys — the ones who are enchanted by the science behind cannabis products. Jonny is one of them. He’s from the Bay Area and he’s been budtending at MYNT for the past two years. But his favorite part of the job isn’t just geeking out on science. He loves pairing people with the products that will help them the most, especially when they’re in search of therapeutic benefits. 

Personally, Jonny’s a fan of indica concentrates, and he thinks terpenes are the future of cannabis. He’s also pushing for public consumption, so fingers crossed on that one, Jonny!

angela-mikowychok-myntMEET ANGELA

A surprising number of budtenders found their way into the industry because it was the ticket to helping their loved ones. That was the motivation for Angela Mikowychok, a Reno local. Her mother has multiple sclerosis and Angela wanted to be able to help her more effectively manage her pain. Angela also enjoys educating the public on the benefits of cannabis.

She’s a big fan of dabs and edibles, and Tumbleweed Extracts and Wyld are her go-tos. As for the future, Angela hopes to see federal legalization and public consumption (she should talk to Jonny, right?). She also has thoughts about the restaurant industry serving infused meals. We love that idea (and you heard it here first!).

ben-ashlock-myntMEET BENJAMIN

Another California native, Benjamin Ashlock has been part of the MYNT team for four years. His personal experiences with hyperthyroidism and gastrointestinal disease led him to cannabis, which helps tremendously with his appetite. The medicinal value he experienced personally peaked his interest in the industry, but it was the welcoming culture at MYNT that’s kept him here. Benjamin takes a lot of pride in helping to built the community around here, and as he puts it, there’s something incredibly rewarding in becoming a part of people’s lives, especially when it means introducing them to medicines that can benefit them in ways other medicines can’t.

Benjamin is a personal fan of dabs, which are minimally toxic to the respiratory system and wildly efficient — one or two hits gives him the lift he needs. Plus, he loves the taste. Looking ahead, Benjamin thinks the next logical step is the development of places to commune and consume — places that further the experience. Sounds good to us!

If you’re lucky enough to find any of these professionals smiling at you behind the counter next time you visit MYNT, well, call it a good day. And stay tuned for more budtender spotlights — we’re on a mission over her

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