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Behind the Counter with the MYNT Team

Another day, another chance to chat up the MYNT team. This time, we cornered Victor, Kayden, Travis, and Kate to talk cannabis and life on that side of the dispensary counter.



Kate comes to us by way of Chicago, and she has an impressive track record in the industry. She’s been a personal cannabis advocate since she was 16, when she used it to help manage social anxiety. She started growing it herself and learned to trim in California. She got her first production and cultivation license in 2018 here in Nevada, and she joined Mynt close to a year ago. And what a year! Kate loves the ongoing education, the MYNT team, and even the constant change inherent to the cannabis industry. We know the feeling.

Kate’s personal cannabis faves are indica flower and Highly Edible sour indica pucks, and she’s looking forward to the day cannabis restaurants and cafes are around and cannabis is legal around the world.



Before budtending, Travis was driving to his painting job when it hit it. Why not do something that actually interests him? His impressions as a customer here at MYNT were positive, so he decided to take a chance. Spoiler — it really worked out. Big congrats to Travis on his recent two-year anniversary!

His favorite part of the job is interacting with new customers, particularly when they find value in his knowledge and opinion of various products. Travis wants every customer to have such a positive experience, they can’t wait to come back and visit again. And that’s how you budtend, everybody.

Travis is a fan of all kinds of cannabis products. While HaHa and Cann beverages have made a solid recent impression, his favorite product line is MMG. He also enjoys edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and occasionally vapes.

Travis has high hopes for the future — drone delivery, higher compensation, and confirmed research that really digs into the benefits of cannabis.



After noticing a “Now Hiring” sign at MYNT on one of his visits, Victor took a chance. Four months later, things are working out nicely. Victor loves the insider vibe he gets from being among the first to see new products and strains as they come in, and we totally know the feeling.

Victor is an old-school flower guy. He likes being able to gauge his reaction, so he can reach the perfect high without overdoing things.

Looking ahead, Victor hopes to see things loosen up in the industry. He’s looking forward to the day it’s as easy to buy an eighth as it is a six pack.



Good things come to those who wait — just ask Kayden. He tried to land an interview at MYNT for two years before the stars aligned, and now he’s been a fixture for a year and a half. He was always intrigued by the medicinal properties of cannabis plants, and once the legal market opened, he realized he could help people get products that would actually help them. Plus, Kayden’s a numbers guy, and he loves ensuring that inventory is always perfect. It’s a good day when you can wake up and go to work you truly enjoy, and that’s Kayden’s reality.

He finds real beauty in cannabis flowers — agreed — and while he used to smoke a lot, he switches up his consumption methods pretty regularly. Lately, he’s been on a concentrates and vapes kick, which he’s finding particularly convenient.

We asked about the future of cannabis, and Kayden thinks it’s full steam ahead. He’d love to see it legal on a federal level, the “scary street drug” rap a thing of the past, and the rise of communal smoking spaces.


We’re lucky to have such a great group of people here at MYNT, and these four are no exception. Thanks for everything you do! Next time you stop by, keep an eye out for these friendly faces.