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Behind the Counter — MYNT Budtender Spotlight

We started a little budtender series recently, so we can spotlight each and every one of our amazing team members. It’s the people behind the counter who make all the difference — that’s what separates the good dispensary experiences from the bad. So without further ado, let’s take a minute to gush over Kyle, Vanessa, Sam, Kelly, and Pablo.



Kyle is a Truckee transplant, and he’s relatively new to the MYNT team. But from his enthusiasm, you’d never know. He’ll tell you himself — he’s incredibly passionate about cannabis, and he really enjoys sharing his knowledge and personal experiences with his customers. But it’s more than that — he likes making their days better.

Kyle is kind of a wild card when it comes to personal preferences. He likes a bit of this and a bit of that. When he’s smoking, he reaches for top-shelf flower. If he’s going the concentrates or edibles route, he’s a fan of quality first, and he’s particularly partial to Wyld gummies and Vert edible.

It’s always interesting to ask someone in the industry where they think cannabis might be headed. Like many, Kyle thinks we’re on course for legalizing cannabis on a grand scale. And by grand, he’s thinking world-wide. Ambitious, but we’re with you, Kyle! He’s also hoping to see legal public consumption becoming an option in the not-too-distant future.



Vanessa is a California girl with a longtime fascination of cannabis. After a few years in the dental field, she decided to go all-in on cannabis. So she switched career paths to pursue her dream of working in the cannabis industry. She’s almost a year in, and it was a good call. Vanessa loves learning more about cannabis products and interacting with the Reno locals and tourists alike.

Vanessa takes an equal-opportunity approach to enjoying cannabis — she enjoys all methods of consumption but she does lean toward vapes and dabs. When we asked about her wish list for the future of cannabis, she said she’d love to see smoking lounges in dispensaries. Another vote for public consumption!



Sam came to us all the way from New Jersey, and her interest in cannabis is based on her own experiences. She struggled with chronic back pain and arthritis for a full decade, but she was adverse to traditional painkillers. Cannabis was a handy workaround that increased her comfort levels, and being on the other side of the counter has given her access to more information, more products, and a greater understanding of the business.

As a budtender, Sam enjoys helping people find the best products for their needs. The right cannabis product can go so far in helping people enjoy life a little more, and Sam finds that particularly rewarding

On a personal level, Sam’s a fan of flower and carts — little shout out to her current faves, MMG and RED22! She has ideas for the future of the industry, too. She wants cannabis to be legalized federally, prisoners of cannabis-related charges to be released, and she thinks cannabis-infused cocktails and bar snacks sound pretty awesome.



We love hearing what drew people to the industry, and Kelly is like many of us — she wanted to be working in a field that truly interested her, somewhere she could grow and turn over a new leaf (ha). Kelly loves talking about cannabis with her coworkers and customers, and she finds the psychoactivity and body/mind effects downright fascinating.

Ask her about her favorite products and methods of consumption, and she really can’t decide. For Kelly, it’s a toss up between Stiizy carts and ice bong rips and dabbing. Oh, and she’ll never say no to an edible.

Looking ahead, Kelly is optimistic. She sees a bright future and legal sales across the entire nation at some point soon. Fingers crossed!



We’re all about challenging the stigma of cannabis, and Pablo is right there with us. He was drawn into the industry because of its tremendous potential for growth, and he was just as interested in challenging stereotypes. His favorite part of the job is the variety of characters he gets to meet — true story — which gives him a chance to educate and enlighten. That’s his hope for the future of cannabis, by the way. He wants to see a brighter, more educated understanding of the benefits of cannabis, as well as more compassion and perspective.

And because he’s an edibles-all-day kind of guy, we’d bet Pablo would love to see more availability and variety of infused goodies.


We’re working hard to spotlight every one of our budtenders, so check back soon for more. And keep an eye out for Kyle, Vanessa, Sam, Kelly and Pablo — these guys know what they’re talking about, and we’re so happy to have them on board. Thanks, team!