A Guide to Decoding Lab Results Labels on Cannabis Products

When you buy cannabis products here at MYNT, they come labeled with third-party lab results so you can be sure about their safety, potency, and purity. Labels can vary from state to state, and you may have seen labels that run the gamut from limited and accompanied by a QR code to quite lengthy. But what exactly are all those numbers telling you? Here’s a handy guide to decoding lab results labels on cannabis products.


Depending on where you’re shopping and what you’re buying, lab result labels will vary. But a quick scan of the results should yield the following:

  • Cannabinoids. This is a rundown of the percentages of THC, CBD, and any other cannabinoids in the product. That includes THCa, THCV, CBDa, CBN, CBC, and CBG.
  • Terpene profile. This is an important breakdown of terpenes in your product. That’s a pretty big deal, considering the role that terpenes play on potency. Understanding which terpenes are in your cannabis product can also give you an idea of the effects to come.
  • Moisture content. When moisture levels are too high, the risk of fungi and bacteria increase. When they’re too low, your product could be too dry and brittle to retain its fragrances and flavors.
  • Residual solvents. This is an indication of the production method. Some kinds of extractions use strong solvents, and residual amounts left behind could potentially be harmful above a certain threshold. These thresholds vary, but it’s still important to test for solvents like butane and propane.
  • Pesticides, microbial growth and heavy metals. These safety tests check for the presence of pesticides, any microbial growth (particularly in samples with a higher moisture content), and any heavy metals that may have accumulated in the plant from fertilizers or contaminated soil.

We probably don’t have to elaborate here on the importance of comprehensive testing for every brand in the cannabis industry. Take comfort in the fact that every product we bring in to MYNT is third-party tested for safety, and remember that you can always ask a budtender for specifics.