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6 Reasons to Choose Vegan Gummies from Highly Edible

There is no shortage of edible gummies in the current cannabis market. According to MJBizDaily, edibles outperformed the entire cannabis industry in 2020, and there is no sign of stopping. After an influx of every edible imaginable, gummies have established their dominance. Data Bridge Market Research reports that cannabis gummies are expected to grow at a rate of nearly 30% in the next six years. However, there is a difference in what separates a premium edible gummy from subpar products made by companies looking to capitalize on the incredible rise in demand.

The following post will discuss why gummies from Highly Edible are considered above the competition. The administration method presents numerous benefits to the cannabis consumer, and Highly Edible has optimized all the aspects that make their gummy vegan edibles the clear choice in the market sector.

#1 NXT Technology Boosts Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the amount of the active ingredient usable by our bodies. After eating an edible with THC, the cannabinoid is metabolized into another compound known as 11-Hydroxy-THC. The process can take up to an hour, and the resulting metabolite delivers more intense psychoactive effects. This is one of the biggest challenges regarding edible cannabis products because users have a difficult time gauging dosages while the body metabolizes the THC. 

As a result, edibles are notorious for causing users to exceed a reasonable dose because of this delay. However, Highly Edible features an advanced cannabinoid delivery mechanism called NXT Technology, which allows for faster onset to avoid overindulging. The complex process converts active cannabinoids into nano isomers allowing rapid uptake through the mouth, esophagus, and upper intestines.

Highly Edible users can experience a more consistent experience with a dramatically reduced onset time, allowing them to easily find their perfect dosage.

#2 Delicious Taste

One of the reasons cannabis users gravitate towards edible gummies is the taste. However, many are disappointed when they chew the edible and it has a pungent, earthy, or chemical aftertaste.

Vegan edibles from Highly Edible successfully mask the pungent cannabis taste, offering a more enjoyable experience, and a variety of delicious flavors including, watermelon, peach, strawberry, and assorted sour pucks.

#3 100% Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, & Corn Syrup-Free

While edibles are a healthier way to enjoy cannabinoids rather than smoking or vaping, there still are concerns with the ingredients used to make gummy products. Many brands use processed corn syrup and unhealthy fillers to create gelatin in their candies. All vegan edibles from Highly Edible utilize ingredients that are free from gluten and soy. In addition, the gummies are made with natural sweeteners rather than corn syrup.

#4 Sativa and Indica Options

The cannabis industry has come a long way since the early days of medical marijuana in the 1990s. Our understanding of the effects of cannabinoids and other compounds derived from the plant is an ongoing process, but we are further along today than at any point in history.

Today we are beginning to understand the critical role of terpenes in the effects of cannabis products. The use of terpenes in manufactured products allows us to cater experiences to the end-user, which can create a more personalized high. For example, Indica gummies utilize terpenes that promote relaxation and are believed to have sedative effects, and sativa products are complimented with compounds that encourage an energetic, uplifting experience.

Cannabis users take cannabinoids for different reasons. Highly Edible is proud to offer customers the choice of sativa or indica gummies to optimize the effects and fit their lifestyle.

#5 New Assorted Flavor Puck Packs

Highly Edible customers no longer have to choose from watermelon, peach, and strawberry; they have recently launched a new assorted pack so customers can enjoy all their iconic flavored pucks in one package.

Edible connoisseurs can also enjoy sour flavors for a taste explosion that can also successfully mask the strong, earthy taste of cannabis extract. Sour flavors are also available in single-serve packages for users who don’t need the full 100mg of THC.

#6 THC and CBD Options

Highly Edible has recognized the need to cater to cannabis users looking for the natural healing properties of CBD. The CBD edible market has also taken off in recent years, with the same bioavailability challenges faced by the recreational and medical marijuana industries. However, the challenge is ensuring there is enough CBD  to deliver the expected benefits and provide a consistent dose to the user.

The NXT Technology used in Highly Edible gummies offers increased absorption and bioavailability rates. While edibles are known for low bioavailability, the cannabinoids in gummies are absorbed sublingually or in the mucosal glands in the mouth. The nanoparticles in Highly Edible CBD Therapy Pucks offer an increased absorption level, which can elevate the user’s experience.

CBD pucks from Highly Edible contain a small amount of THC to increase benefits. Experts refer to the phenomenon as the ‘entourage effect,’ first realized by cannabis researchers Professor Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shabat. The theory claims that a whole-plant experience consisting of multiple cannabinoids and terpenes is more beneficial than isolated compounds.

Small amounts of THC in CBD vegan edibles help activate the extract’s medicinal properties and deliver more benefits to the consumer.

The effects of CBD can also be optimized for everyday use. Thanks to the delicious flavors of Highly Edible Pucks, users will look forward to their daily dose and are much less likely to skip a day. CBD’s benefits are increased by compounding amounts of the cannabinoid present in the endocannabinoid system.


Vegan edibles will continue to be one of the most popular administration methods in the industry. However, the current market is oversaturated by manufacturers looking to take advantage of the increase in demand. Highly Edible understands the biochemical advantage of using gummies to deliver cannabis compounds and has optimized these factors to develop a superior product.

Indica and Sativa gummies are available in Reno and Las Vegas dispensaries; please visit the link for more information on where to buy vegan edibles from Highly Edible.